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Bone carving is as old as civilization itself.  Earliest man carved bone for tools, household implements and adornment.  Every culture that carves bone jewelry carves icons unique to their heritage and surroundings.  In the majority of these cultures it is believed that the wearer's very essence is absorbed into the bone as they wear it.  When the wearer dies the carving is passed on and the next wearer benefits from the essence infused in the bone.  A very old bone carving that has been worn will be the color of dark honey. 

The bone jewelry found on our site is cattle bone unless stated otherwise.  No animals were killed to make this jewelry.  The animals die either from natural causes or for food purposes.
bear claw pendant
Alaskan Bone Carvings

All carvings in this section come from Alaska and are either bone or antler.
Dragon Pendant
Contemporary Bone Carvings

The carvings in this section come from different parts of the world.
Plumeria Turtle Pendant
Hawaiian Bone Carvings

The carvings in this section all reflect the Hawaiian culture.